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We've been working as a team for over twenty years. Working together. Working together with our clients, our partners, and our colleagues to bring about changes to how work gets done.

Brad Houston

Organizations often have their products and services well-defined and being delivered--but working through people and culture challenges often consume leadership's time and energy. I have been working with organizational leaders, program managers, and employees for the past 23 years to find practical and sustainable work environments given their unique culture and business expectations.

From ERP transformations to process improvement efforts, I work with clients to apply proven transformative tactics to the ever-changing social fabric of an organization. Glaive goes straight to getting results, bringing about change without causing unnecessary discord, waste, or human capital loss.

Amy Houston

I am an integrations expert for small and mid-sized businesses, able to use tools such as Zapier, Automate.io, Apiant, and Microsoft Power Automate to create API integrations between many different applications. I understand back-end data and how to get relevant information from one system to another. Integrating systems on the back-end helps business workflow to be simplistic, efficient, and fast. Linking together numerous CRMs, accounting systems, marketing systems, spreadsheets, and others is a passion.

I am also skilled in mySQL, reporting tools (such as MyDBR), Javascript, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Fillable PDFs, JotForm, Typeform, X2CRM, Excel, Canvas, Planning Center, and a number of other cloud-based apps.

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