Recent Projects

Looking at some of our recent projects may help you understand that we truly work across many industries and with clients in many different situations. In short, we get your digital transformation goals -- DONE.


Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer

Partnering with another firm, Glaive was responsible for the delivery of the Human Resource and Workforce Culture workstreams at a major Aerospace and Defense manufacturer. The manufacturer had a critical site experiencing productivity challenges that were causing poor growth. Glaive helped identify leadership, workforce engagement, and communications issues that were major contributors.

Over the course of five months, prescribed communications and coaching was provided to plant and business leadership in response to observed workforce behaviors. The partner firm complemented Glaive's work, through visual management and operations management tools and metrics, together guiding the site to nearly double monthly output and financial billing.



Heavy Manufacturing Company

Glaive worked with a heavy manufacturing company to re-design its high-performer and new supervisor strategy to align with business strategy and future business needs.

sing the company's desired business behaviors, we created a new framework for the identification and development of recently-promoted supervisors and managers. The company decided to expand this framework to include individual contributors with high potential or projected business leadership potential. Glaive was asked to extend this framework and design the competencies, behaviors, and evaluation criteria for both audiences.



Regional Faith & Education Organization

Glaive worked with a large, regional faith and education organization in the Pacific Northwest region to guide senior leadership through a learning management system (LMS) selection process.

Unlike typical LMS implementations, the organization needed to plan for the learning needs of parishioners and volunteers as well as employees. Using audience analysis, key user group discovery sessions, and interviews with key decision makers, requirements were drafted and formalized. Glaive used a formal Request for Information (RFI) process to identify software vendors capable of delivering key business and technical requirements.

Following the RFI, vendors were short-listed for a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Glaive managed all communications and requirements to maintain a fair and equitable process, which resulted in a vendor match and immediate contracting for the successful firm.



Heavy Equipment Distributor

Glaive worked with a heavy equipment distributor in Northern California to assess and create a business strategy and digital roadmap for their Talent Management functions.

Working with the CEO, CFO, Director of Human Resources, and department leaders, Glaive assessed what the company needed from its workforce, and what its workforce needed from the company. The analysis revealed that the company was on-target with its investment in its Talent Management suite, but its transformation strategy was failing to engage the workforce in its adoption. Furthermore, the workforce did not recognize the significant investments that business leaders were making in development, training, and succession.

Glaive worked with leadership to prioritize the actions necessary to implement immediate changes to capture results on current investments and sequence improvements and further investments. As a result, the company successfully negotiated new contracts with technology vendors and began using the digital roadmap to implement a multi-year talent transformation effort.


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